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Welcome to Chesapeake Concrete, where the highest in quality craftsmanship meets unparalleled customer satisfaction. Chesapeake Concrete specializes in stamped concrete, foundation pouring and footers, decorative concrete, driveways and walkways, and retaining walls for all residential and commercial concrete applications. We serve all of the Southside of Hampton Roads including Chesapeake VA, Virginia Beach VA, Norfolk VA, Portsmouth VA.

At Chesapeake Concrete, we know there is no shortage of concrete companies in Chesapeake VA. But proper concrete application provides not just beauty, but also structural integrity and drainage to your property. Which is why our seasoned team of experts gets every pour right the first time.

So, if you choose the wrong team to install your concrete, you won’t get the right result. Our team of seasoned concrete contractors knows how to provide quality concrete that’s really built to last. That’s why we are the best choice when you need concrete.

About Us

Chesapeake Concrete began as a small two-man operation working out of Great Bridge in Chesapeake, Virginia in 2011. The company’s owner and founder, Jared Lesler, saw the need for a more customer-focused and customer-oriented concrete company. And stamped concrete was just starting to become popular in the Hampton Roads area, so Chesapeake Concrete came to be one of the best concrete companies in Chesapeake and Hampton Roads. Chesapeake Concrete is also renowned as one of the best commercial concrete companies in Chesapeake VA. The quality of service that we provide is here to make sure you can really enjoy the full range of benefits that concrete provides. Only concrete installed by a quality contractor like us will last, and achieve the level of toughness and durability that you expect. Without all of that, what’s the point? The major benefit concrete is supposed to offer is amazing toughness and durability, after all. Our team can make sure that you get just that. So, if you need concrete, don’t choose a substandard contractor that will let you down. Instead, get the best by choosing us.

Our Services

If there’s one service that’s perfect for all of your concrete needs it’s ours. Whether you need concrete for residential or commercial purposes, we can provide quality concrete to match a range of purposes. We can provide walkways and driveways, foundations, retaining walls and more. Ours service is also able to provide a selection of decorative concrete options, such as stamped or even stained concrete, which can be the perfect way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your concrete surfaces. We also offer expertise when it comes to finishing, forming and so much more.

Chesapeake Concrete - Concrete Pouring

Concrete Pouring

Concrete pouring is the primary method our service uses to deliver and install quality concrete. Poured concrete is a superior option because it offers greater strength and durability, especially when compared with concrete blocks. Not only that, pouring is also an efficient process that can help to speed up the installation process, reducing hassle and upfront labor costs. Concrete pouring is perfect for not only concrete foundation slabs, but also a great way to install pool decks, patios and a range of other outdoor surfaces.

Chesapeake Concrete - Driveway and Walkways

Driveways and Walkways

Driveways and walkways are some of the concrete surfaces that we can provide for your home. Both of these surfaces can expect to face some serious challenges, especially given their constant exposure to the outdoor elements, so they need to be built tough. Tough is what our team is here to deliver for you. Whether it’s your driveway or any walkways you need installed, if you choose our service to provide them for you, you can be sure that they will be built to last.

Chesapeake Concrete - Foundations


There’s nothing more serious than experiencing problems with your foundation. The damage it can cause can be seriously, not to mention expensive to have repaired. That’s why you need to have your foundation installed by a quality concrete service. One like ours. The foundations that we provide are built tough and durable, and are sure to be reliable. This means you can avoid any trouble, and keep more money in your pocket. We provide a range of concrete foundation slabs to suit a range of different needs and buildings.

Chesapeake Concrete - Stamped and Decorative

Stamped and Decorative

The plain and utilitarian nature of concrete means that it might not always be your first choice, especially for surfaces like your driveway which contribute heavily to the curb appeal of your property. However, the option of decorative concrete can be the perfect way address the low aesthetic quality of concrete. Decorative concrete is a great way to give your concrete surfaces a real modern and stylish design appeal. We provide a number of decorative concrete options, including both stamped concrete and stained concrete.

Chesapeake Concrete - Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls offer one way in which you can really utilize the benefits that concrete provides in your yard or outdoor landscape. This is because the durability and toughness of concrete is the perfect choice for the job. Retaining walls have to face serious stress and pressure from the soil they contain, not to mention the other outdoor elements they also have to face, such as moisture. The quality concrete that we are well known for providing is able to face such challenges without any major issues.

Chesapeake Concrete - Commercial


Our concrete service is also able to provide quality concrete for a range of commercial needs as well. The outdoor surfaces around your commercial property often have even greater challenges to face, so it’s even more important to ensure that such surfaces are tough and durable. We know that our concrete is equal to the task. As such, there’s no one else you should trust to provide the concrete that need around your commercial property. Our service is affordable and our installation process hassle free.

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This is the concrete service that really lives up to their word of delivering quality results.

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Our new driveway is simply amazing. They really did the best job.”

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“They offer amazing quality at affordable prices. There’s not much more you could ask for.”

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